ColourPop Liquid Blush Beautifully Formulated with a Short Wear Time

ColourPop Liquid Blush ($10) is a new creamy, moisturizing liquid blush infused with moisturizing ingreidents like sea moss, Hyaluronic, and Polyglutamic Acid that’s available in eight shade selections. When I set out to review and swatch this blush I decided to play it safe and purchase one shade. After trying it, I find myself wanting ALL the shades. This is a delightful formula with a very moisturizing formula that looks beautiful on cheeks. Sadly, it has one major downfall and that would be the shorter wear time but I am more than willing to overlook that.

ColourPop Liquid Blush is a very obvious nod to the very popular Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush. I sadly, can’t compare the two though as I never brought into the hype of Rare Beauty’s version but I have swatched it in stores and I do think Colourpop’s version is a bit more hydrating, creamier, and perhaps more gel-like in comparison. If you’re comparing it to E.L.F. Camo Blushes I’d say this formula is WAY nicer. I felt like I was slathering paint on my face with the Camo Blushes. I do NOT get the hyped at all on that formula. I thought the colors were way too garish and clown-like. They have since introduced new shades but I haven’t been curious enough to even bother looking. Colourpop absolutely did a nice job with the shades. They seem much softer and easier to wear even compared to Rare Beauty’s line up these shades just seem much nicer.
As far as price and size goes Colourpop Liquid Blush is $10 and 0.30 oz in size where as E.L.F. Camo Blushes are 0.13 oz for $7. You’re getting a much nicer size with Colourpop’s formula for a few dollars more. Plus did I mention out of all three brands Colourpop is probably the cutest when it comes to packaging? This is such a Japanese/Korean Beauty moment with the cute heart topper and pink cap! The packaging is adorable!

I only purchased one shade but I absolutely will indulge in more. The shade I got was Super Shy which is describe as a nude pink. I think it runs more of a nude coral with a bit of pink. It’s very pretty and very natural looking on my skin. From experience with Camo Blush I did use a tiny bit of this when I applied it was I was really worried it would be crazy pigment. And it is pigmented but it also, builds easily and it isn’t something that applies SUPER crazy pigmented initially. If a dot isn’t enough you can easily go in with another dot or two and build it up for more intensity. No matter how much you apply it seems to remain very natural and pretty and not clown-like or too crazy.

The formula is a creamy gel-like consistency and it blends amazingly well! It doesn’t really dry down super fast and has a really moisturizing formula that gives you plenty of time to mess around with it before it settles onto your skin. I would say it has a semi-dewy finish which is why it does wear a shorter time. I always find dewy blushes just slip away into space. I get about three hours wear from this formula but keep in mind I don’t set with powder. Powder may help it to wear longer but you would miss out on that delight dewy glow if you do set with powder.
ColourPop Liquid Blush was a delightful little purchase for me. The wear time is short but the formula is lovely and looks very pretty on my cheeks!

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Ulta Colourpop

ColourPop Liquid Blush is a new blush available in eight shade selections for $10 each that are 0.30 oz in size. This blush comes in a cute little barrel with a pink heart topper. The formula is a creamy gel-like texture with a semi-dewy finish that’s very moisturizing and super easy to blend. It’s quite pigmented and builds easily while remaining natural and fresh on cheeks. Sadly, it does wear for a shorter time at around three hours before my skin eats it up! If you set with powder you might find the wear is extended.

Super moisturizing.
Easy to blend.
Builds beautifully.
Cute packaging!

ColourPop Liquid Blush is a great little blush for Summer especially for anyone with drier skin!

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