Do You Wear Makeup or Style Your Hair When You’re Doing Outdoorsy Things?

Camping and doing the bare minimum for beauty!
I was thinking about how last summer, when we went camping, I ran into a nice lady in the women’s bathroom who was the most stylish person I’ve ever seen at a campground. Her hair was up but neat, she had on what looked like minimal makeup (base, blush, brows, bronzer, liner, mascara and gloss), and her clothes didn’t have a speck of dirt on them—and she was wearing a white shirt! I couldn’t get over how one could be so cute and clean while camping!
Anyway, this got me thinking about what beauty minimalists and maximalists wear when having outdoor adventures. The most I’ll do these days is tinted sunscreen, brow pencil, mascara and gloss. If I’m really paring back, then any ol’ sunscreen will do.
Oh, and the hair? Forget about styling it. I’ll brush it and put it into a pony or a high bun, and hope that it doesn’t look too crazy.
Or, I’ll throw on a hat because truth be told I’m self-conscious about my hairline. It’s receded a bit since I hit my mid-40s, and I swear the wild white baby hairs make me look like I’m a crazy physics professor who mumbles to herself while walking to and from class. Eh, it is what it is.
Side note, I saw a video yesterday where a gal sprayed root cover-up spray on her scalp to hide the sparse bits on her hair line, and it looked really good from afar! If I tried it, though, I would probably sweat all the spray off and have dark black sweat running down the side of my face. Plus, I’m thinking it would look kinda weird to have the dark spots there with my salt and pepper hair.
Deep hair thoughts, I know!
What level of beauty do you do when you’re doing outdoorsy things? Do you wear makeup or style your hair like you usually do, or do you opt for a paired down version of your regular beauty routine? Or do you skip it all together?
Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,
P.S. Today is my last day of working from home for a while. I’m hoping I get to do it again soon! Although, I do have to say, going into the office does have one good thing, and that’s the ability to draw a very firm boundary between home and work life. My experience has been that when I work from home, both the two blur into each other a little too easily.
Have a great Tuesday!

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