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Vacation time is something most people look forward to—even if they end up not going anywhere. Sometimes just planning a trip can be enjoyable and relaxing. But you may be interested to discover that actually taking that vacation can be good for your health. Scientific studies have shown that travelling can offer the following health benefits.Travel relieves stressTravel removes you from your usual routine and gives you a chance to try new foods, explore new places, and meet new people—all of which can reduce stress and improve your mood. And feelings of relaxation and improved mood can last for weeks after your return. When you are less stressed, you may see improvements in your relationships and may be better able to focus at work and improve your productivity.Travel encourages physical activityWhile you may be sitting for hours in a car, train, bus, or plane while you are getting to your destination, once you arrive, you are more likely to increase your activity level. Even if you follow an exercise program at home, you are not likely to be physically active for much more than an hour or so a day. Think about all the walking you can do when you are on vacation and exploring new cities, visiting museums, art galleries, parks, recreation centers, local attractions, or just having fun. Some vacation destinations are focused on activities such as swimming, tennis, golf, and other sports. You may not even notice that you are working your muscles more because your attention will be distracted by the fun you’re having.Travel can increase creativityDiscovering new cultures, learning to speak a new language, and exploring new landscapes can change your perspective on the world and help you with problem solving. This is a skill you can bring home with you to help keep your stress level lower.Travel can boost your immunityBeing exposed to different environments brings you into contact with different disease-causing pathogens, and that triggers your body to create a variety of antibodies that strengthen your immune system to protect you from different illnesses and keep you from becoming ill. Some of these pathogens are relatively harmless, while others should be avoided by vaccination before your trip. Check with your pharmacist or London Drugs Travel Clinic at least six weeks before your trip to see if any vaccines are recommended or required for your travel destination.Travel can decrease your risk of heart diseaseA number of studies have shown that people who take frequent vacations have a substantially lower risk of having a heart attack.Travel may have a positive effect on your brain healthIn fact, there is some evidence to show that travelling may benefit people with dementia. While more studies are needed, it is believed that travel helps through its impact on four components:feelings, emotions, and mood (affective experience)thoughts and memories (cognitive experience)behavior (conative experience)senses (sensorial experience)Safe travelOf course, encountering a problem while travelling can take the fun out of a vacation and reduce its benefits, so a little planning is needed to get the most out of your trip. A good place to start is with asking your London Drugs pharmacists for travel health advice. Your pharmacist can help you determine how much of your prescription and over-the-counter medicines you should take with you, so you won’t run out if your return is delayed, and how they should be stored during your trip.A travel first aid kit is important to take along with you, and your pharmacist can help you customize your kit based on activities you and your travel companions will be engaging in while you are away. Your pharmacist can also advise on what medications or vaccinations you may need for your trip.If you need specialized travel advice, book an appointment at one of our Travel Clinic locations. All our travel clinic pharmacists have obtained a Certificate in Travel Health from the International Society of Travel Medicine. They can provide you with routine, recommended, and required vaccinations specific for your destination as well as information on medications for travelers’ diarrhea, altitude sickness, and more. Plan to speak to your pharmacist at least six weeks ahead of your trip, if possible, as some vaccines require multiple doses. If it is a last-minute trip, we can often start your vaccinations so you will get at least some benefit while you are away, and then finish the remaining doses when you return for long-lasting protection.Visit us online at for more information about our Travel Clinic locations and booking information.Finally, be sure to have adequate travel insurance. A good plan will give you peace of mind so that if you do require medical attention on your vacation, you will have the support and coverage that you need. Visit a London Drugs Insurance department or learn more online at safe, have fun, and come back rested, relaxed, and healthy.Related

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