‘House of the Dragon’: the 10 Saddest Deaths, Ranked

“House of the Dragon” is no stranger to death, murder, or even fratricide. Some of the show’s most tragic deaths are tied to children and childbirth.From King Viserys’ death to Prince Lucerys, we’ve ranked the top 10 saddest deaths. 

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Warning: Major spoilers through season two, episode four of “House of the Dragon.”If you’re watching a show in the “Game of Thrones” universe, you should know you’re signing up for some pretty devastating character deaths.”House of the Dragon” is no different from its predecessor: it’s full of striking, surprising, and extremely sad deaths, frequently carried out by members of the same family. Children are murdered on dragonback and in their cribs, husbands kill their wives to secure more advantageous marriages, and women tragically die in childbirth. Rhaenyra and Aegon II Targaryen’s war over the Iron Throne isn’t pretty.
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We’ve ranked the 10 saddest deaths in “House of the Dragon” seasons one and two below,

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