Kopari Kaanapali Coast Hair & Body Fragrance Mist Review

Kopari Kaanapali Coast Hair & Body Fragrance Mist ($29) is one of four new fragrance mists the brand introduced for the Summer 2024 season. This is Kopari’s first venture in the world of fragrance, and they did an excellent job with their launch. They have that fun, summer feel that makes you want to buy them! I’m not a Summer girl by any means but this a launch that will get you in the mood for Summer.
Someone has to say it, and it might as well be me. Kopari is coming for Sol de Janeiro with this launch. Sol de Janeiro holds the market when it comes to Summery fragrance mists. People are feral for their launches, particularly Zoomers. Sol de Janeiro definitely built a mini-empire of fragrances. Will Kopari steal their thunder? Possibly not. I think Kopari’s Fragrance Mist Collection is a bit different compared to Sol de Janeiro’s. The scents aren’t quite as complex, they are lighter, and the vibe is slightly different. I do think Sol de Janeiro will manage to keep their crown, but if you are a bit tired of their releases (I know I sort of am), you might find Kopari’s Collection a refreshing change.
I haven’t purchased any large bottles yet, but instead, I went with the Kopari Beauty Scents of Paradise Hair & Body Mist Kit, which is $32 and contains all four of the fragrances. I absolutely will purchase some of the larger bottles later on, though, as these smell very pretty. My first review will feature the Kopari Kaanapali Coast Hair & Body Fragrance Mist, which is a tropical coconut scent.

Before I review the scent, if you want a little breakdown of value, Kopari does come out a smidge cheaper than Sol de Janeiro. Sol de Janeiro’s smallest mist is 3.04 oz for $24, which equals $7.89 per ounce. Kopari’s is 4 oz for $29, which totals $7.25 an ounce. If you had an ounce to Sol de Janeiro’s mist, you’d have to add an extra $7.89 to the price, making it $31.89 for 4 oz where, whereas Kopari’s 4 oz is $29. It’s not a HUGE price difference, but for the math nerds, that’s the breakdown of the two!
Kopari Kaanapali Coast Hair & Body Fragrance Mist arrives in a crystal-clear turquoise bottle with a metallic cap of the same shade. This is a finer mist than the Sol de Janeiro one. I know, that sounds crazy, but this feels a little lighter and less heavy than Sol de Janeiro’s formula, which makes it nicer for use in your hair. It’s lightly hydrating, feels cool on skin, and isn’t oily or sticky.
The scents aren’t the same, but they are similar. According to the brand, this has a host of interesting notes, but I get straight-up coconut and vanilla!
TOP NOTES:Peach Nectar, Lemon PeelMIDDLE NOTES:Coconut Shavings, Creamy Milk, Warm SpiceBASE NOTES:Vanilla Bean, Praline, Cloud Musk
Right at the first mist, I get creamy coconut quickly, followed by vanilla, which creates a cloud of creamy, warm, delicious vanilla coconut. I wish I could tell you I smelled lemon, peach, and praline, but none of that comes through for me. Just delicious spicy vanilla coconut! It’s utterly tropical and delicious without being a cloying tanning oil type of scent. It’s delicious, edible, and almost tropical cake-like. If you have a little Kopari Tahitian Vanilla Ultra Restore Body Butter hanging around, this pairs up great with it. Plus I would recommend some sort of vanilla or coconut lotion to use with this because it is a shorter wear mist but with the addition of a good body butter you’ll find it amplifies the scent and allows it stay longer on your skin. Without lotion or body butter, it wears away reasonably fast. The Kopari Body Butter is a perfect addition to this mist as it creates a beautiful cocoon of scent that lasts about five hours on my skin, but again, without it, I’d be lucky to get an hour from it as my skin eats it up!
Kopari Kaanapali Coast Hair & Body Fragrance Mist is a delicious little addition to my Summer fragrance wardrobe! I can see myself purchasing a full-size of this scent in the future. Loved it!
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