Mitakon launches new 80mm f/1.6 for medium format Fuji and Hasselblad

ZY Optics has launched a new 80mm f/1.6 lens. Available in both G and XCD mounts, it’s available for both Fujifilm and Hasselblad cameras. It’s a manual focus lens but this is reflected in the cost, which is pretty low.

It has a nine-blade diaphragm with a maximum f/1.6 aperture. This allows for some very shallow depth of field on a field of view equivalent to approximately 50mm on a full-frame camera.

Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 for Medium Format

The above video from Christopher Frost does a pretty good job of going over the features of the new lens. Its focal length isn’t as telephoto as we’d expect 80mm to be on a full-frame camera. In fact, it’s closer to a standard. It has a bright f/1.6 maximum aperture, allowing for low-light shooting and a very shallow depth of field when needed.

It’s quite small, at only 83x83mm, but it’s also a hefty little chunk of glass, at 850g for Fuji shooters and 900g for Hasselblad. But inside the lens are 10 glass elements in 6 groups, which ZY Optics says deliver “dreamlike bokeh”.

Aside from the glass, the all-metal construction contributes to the weight of this lens. But that also means it’s going to be pretty durable. Metal lenses made over half a century ago are still being used today, so maybe there’s something to that.

A good looking low-budget option

With medium format cameras getting as inexpensive as they have – cutting well into high-end full-frame territory – it’s inevitable that we’re seeing low-budget options, especially on the used market. As newer models come out and prices come down, older models often end up selling used for next to nothing.

But even those who get the camera body itself cheap still need lenses. And something like this suits that market perfectly. It doesn’t perform as well as several-thousand-dollar Fuji or Hasselblad lenses, but that’s why this isn’t as expensive.

Limitations will be met, compromises will be made, and judging by the amount of focus breathing on this thing, I wouldn’t buy one if you were hoping to shoot video with it. But if you’re a medium-format shooter on a low budget, it looks like it can create some good images.

Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 Specs

Focal length80mm

FormatMedium Format

MountFuji GFX, Hasselblad XCD

Focus typeManual focus

Aperture RingYes

Max aperturef/1.6

Min aperturef/22

Min focus distance50cm

Optics10 elements in 6 groups

Angle of view38.5°

Aperture blades9

Filter diameter77mm


Weight850g (Fuji) / 900g (Hasselblad)

Price and Availability

The Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 is available to buy now for $599 from the ZY Optics website. I expect it’ll be coming to Amazon and B&H soon.

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