PGYTech’s new OnePro Flex is the “world’s first camera backpack with suspension”

PGYTech has announced its new OnePro Flex camera backpack. The company claims it’s the world’s first camera backpack with suspension. In other words, it has an aluminium frame and mesh backing that absorbs a lot of the bumps and digs your backpack usually makes in your back.

The OnePro Flex is launching on Kickstarter, but with PGYTech being a pretty long-established company, I think we can feel fairly confident it can deliver. It carries a lot of gear and can also be used as a regular travel/hiking/camping backpack.

PGYTech OnePro Flex – Built-in Suspension

The PGYTech OnePro Flex features built-in suspension. It has an arch frame made from 7000 series aviation aluminium with a mesh back. When walking and hiking with a big bag full of gear, this makes life a million times easier. It’s been a common feature of hiking and camping backpacks for years.

I might have to question PGYTech’s claim that they were the first, though. While it’s still not common to see in camera backpacks – I’ve no idea why, it seems stupid for this not to be standard with such heavy backpacks – we have seen this before.

The Cosyspeed PhotoHiker 44 also features a mesh and frame suspension system. We reviewed the PhotoHiker 44 here on DIYP a little while ago, and at the time, I said it was the most comfortable camera bag I’ve ever carried. Three years later, I still feel the same.

So, while PGYTech might not be the first to provide a mesh suspension system on a big camera backpack, I expect it would be at least as comfortable. But the PGYTech OnePro Flex does seem better suited to photographers.

PGYTech OnePro Focux

The other bag in this family is the OnePro Focux. The OnePro Focux Creation Backpack is has the more familiar structure with a big main compartment and customizable dividers that provide lots space for all your photography equipment.

Sizes and options

Lots of configuration options and pockets

Unlike most backpacks, which open up either the front or back of the bag in its entirety from the bottom, folding down, the PGYTech OnePro Flex opens to the long side, like a more traditional soft suitcase.

This will make it a lot easier to open up and find yourself when you’re able to set your bag down on something. Or just to grab something out of it while it’s still on your back using the side access flap. Even the different modules all open up to the side, matching the opening mechanism of the bag itself.

There are four different camera modules available for different amounts of gear you wish to carry. The smallest is the Camera Insert XS, which is big enough for maybe a camera with lens attached and another lens. But at the opposite end, there’s the Camera Insert XL, which easily handles 2-3 bodies and 7-8 lenses.

As well as cameras and lenses, PGYTech also mentions DJI drones. I don’t know why they didn’t just say “drones” given that there are other drone manufacturers out there making small drones, and not all of DJI’s drones are going to fit into these modules. A Mini or an Air? Sure. A Phantom or an Inspire? Not so much.

Overall, it looks like a fairly well-thought-out design with some great features. And whether it’s the first with suspension or not, it’s great to see this design coming to more camera bags.

I used to use an actual hiking backpack to carry my camera gear around in due to their better design and comfort over any camera bag on the market at the time. I don’t know why more camera bag manufacturers haven’t figured this out yet.

I mean, it’s not as if hiking or camping is a new activity. Many hikers and campers are carrying loads just as heavy as a fully loaded camera backpack, but you hear far fewer hikers complaining about their backs than photographers. I wonder why.

Initial Reviews

Price and Availability

The PGYTech OnePro Flex is currently running on Kickstarter providing a discount from the final retail price. Here is a quick pricing overview, with shipping planned at the end of August.

Flex: 30L – $250, 40L – $269, 50L – $287-$301 depending on inserts

Focux: 25L – $245, 35L – $266

Disclaimer: We only share crowdfunded projects we believe are legitimate. However, most of those projects are not in a delivery state. Make sure you look into the project and make an informed purchasing decision. While some projects may offer amazing rewards, others unfortunately may not deliver on their promises.

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