SmallRig RT25 is an all-weather handheld RGB LED Tube

SmallRig has announced the newest addition to its lighting lineup. It’s the SmallRig RT25 ($119.99-179.99), a 25W handheld RGB LED tube. It has a 2,500K to 10,000K white balance range, with 36,000 possible RGB output colours, 18 special effects and eight colour modes.

It has multiple power supply options, making it a versatile light for many situations. Its silent cooling system means you can get them closer to microphones without worrying, too. They’re also IP54-rated, so you can use them outdoors, even during rain.

SmallRig RT25 Handheld RGB LED Tube

The SmallRig RT25 is one of a growing range of handheld LED tubes. It puts out 25W of power. This isn’t a ludicrous amount like the Zhiyun Fiveray F100 ($179), but it’s still a respectable amount for working in close.

It offers a CCT range from 2500-10000K, a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 98. SmallRig says that within the 2700-5600K range, the colour deviation is only +/- 0.0005. Besides white, it can create up to 36,000 colours. You get a full 360 degrees around the hue circle, with each having 100 brightness level options.

An aluminium casing encases all of the electronics. The unit is IP54-rated. This doesn’t mean it’s waterproof or even very heavily weatherproof. But it should handle some light rain without issue while you continue to shoot. The company does advise drying it off for safety as soon as possible if it gets wet.

Multiple power options

The RT25 provides several different options for powering the unit. It does feature a built-in battery, providing up to 45 Watts of life. This should power the light for about two hours and can be charged up easily over USB-C. But it can also be powered by an optional grip.

The company has released the light in two packages. The basic light just includes the light. But the package includes a set of barndoors and a battery grip. This provides a further 45W of power. The ability to charge it up from USB-C means you can use power banks, chargers, or even NP-F and V-Mount batteries with USB outputs.

It’s nice to see more tube lights coming to market. They’re extremely versatile lights, especially for those with limited space for setting down light stands. But they allow you to light small sets very quickly and easily with pleasing looking light.

It’s nice to see SmallRig’s LED lighting selection growing with some interesting options, too. The RT25 joins SmallRig’s moonlight-style range of LED lights with outputs of 60 Watts, 120 Watts, 220 Watts, and 450 Watts. It’ll be interesting to see where they go next.

Price and Availability

The SmallRig RT25 is available to pre-order now for $119.99. It’s also available in a package with the barndoors and battery grip handle for $179.99.

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