Stranger Things x Bath and Body Works Makes An Early Arrival for Halloween

Bath and Body Works x Stranger Things is coming! Yes, another collaboration for Bath and Body Works is in the works and this one arrives a little before the Bath and Body Works Halloween 2024 Collection. This is the second collaboration Bath and Body Works has done with the first being the Bridgerton Collection (and yeah, the Croc Bath and Body Works collaboration is also, a thing too)! As a fan of Bridgerton x Bath And Body Works Collaboration I’ll be honest and admit I was a bit disappointed. They released one fragrance with the collection and did a wallflowers, candles, hand soaps, antibacs, antibac holders, and a few candle holders and accessories. I thought Danbury Shortbread was a fab little fragrance and I wouldn’t have minded it in a body mist and lotion! The collection went heavy on home fragrance but didn’t really go all out in the body department and that was a little bit disappointing to me. Sadly, if sources are correct, the Stranger Things x Bath and Body Works Collection might not be too big a deal either. From Reddit to Instagram the whispers going around is that the collection will release as soon as 7/18. According to _scentsgalore on Instagram this will be a Stranger Things x Bath and Body Works Candle Collection only and all those candles will be 3-wick only AND apparently once they are gone they are gone. This one is super limited-edition. She listed a few of the candle names up and they appear to be fun gourmand scents like Hopper’s Coffee, Scoops Ahoy Oceans of Flavor, and Sufer Boy Pizza. Wasn’t there a pizza test candle a few years ago or am I remembering wrong?
I’m oddly not as excited as I thought I’d be about this collection. For one thing, I find limited-edition collection chasing too frustrating. For example, I really wanted that Stanley Godiva Cup but dude, it was impossible to get. And recently, Target dropped some really pretty Summer shades and instantly sold out of them. Like, dude, I’m too old to be chasing after cups and candles like their the Hope Diamond! And sure, it sucks to miss out, but what I find really irritating is seeing these items on Mercari for five times or more the retail price. Which will surely happen with the Stranger Things Bath and Body Works Collection. Brands either need to limit how much we can buy of any one item or just start making more. Creating foaming frenzies over these launches is just not it. Not to mention Bath and Body Works really wants to drive traffic to their Rewards App and launches stuff early on there and it sells out before it hits the website. It’s a whole thing to actually buy a candle. And let’s not forget the frenzy of Bridgerton only to have it all go on sale! You know this collection will probably be $30+ a candle and I dunno if I need to drop $30+ bucks on a pizza-scented candle that’s cute and novel but not something I’d want burning in my home.
But I think the really important thing is, will any of us actually remember what happened in Season 4 when Season 5 gets around to launching sometime in 2025 or possibly worst 2026? Your girl is old, I need a recap of Season 4! I can’t remember the plot.
Will you be chasing Bath and Body Works x Stranger Things?
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