Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 820

You’re not gonna believe this, but guess who crashed Rosie’s 4th of July barbecue.
Yup, Harris!

It was such a nice crowd, too. Totally great vibe, and everyone was having a great time until Harris showed up.
He didn’t bring anything either. Just showed up, empty paws.
Rosie was mad as hell, of course.
She tried to think of anything she could do to get rid of him, but nothing worked. He refused to take a hint.

Like, she knows he hates physical labor, so she told him that everyone who stayed would have to help clean up after the barbecue.
So what does he do? He stays the whole time until the last few minutes, and then just disappears.
Typical Harris…
Rosie told herself not to let it get to her, but it kinda drove her nuts.

Rosie wondered how Tabs would have handled it because he was always so smooth. Not only was Tabs très fabulous, but he also knew how to run a great party.

Rosie tried to keep her cool, but at one point she lost it when Harris ate a whole plate of her special tuna jalapeño poppers.

Those were supposed to be for everyone!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

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