This feather light, responsive gaming mouse is available at a reduced price with a free mouse mat!

A nice affordable entry point if you’re after a competitive mouse for online shooters Updated: Jul 10, 2024 2:38 pm WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Prices subject to change. Learn more Table of Contents Table of Contents SPONSORED PIECE If you’re looking to up your game with a new lightweight, high-performance mouse, then this one from the legendary peripheral company Ducky could be the perfect pick for you, and it even comes with a free XXL mouse pad for your desk! The Ducky Feather is the company’s first lightweight mouse, which is fully ambidextrous and, as the name would suggest, is feather light. and the perfect accompaniment to your new Ducky keyboard. The Feather ‘Black and White’ variant is the latest update to this mouse. Who are Ducky? Ducky is a brand that are best known for their mechanical keyboards, in fact they’re basically a byword for premium-grade enthusiast options that typically come with a high degree of customization (such as the recent Ducky ProjectD Tinker 65 wired that we took a look at). Although they’re not as well known for producing mice, the brand is seeking to make inroads into this market and bring across many of the features that get people so excited about their keyboards, including nice responsive switches on their buttons/keys. Ducky Feather features & specs Specifications Sensor: PixArt PMW 3389 DM Max DPI: 16,000 Weight: 65g Size (H x W x D) mm: 124 x 59 x 36mm Buttons: 7 Polling rate: 125/500/1,000Hz Switches: Omron D2FC-F-K 60M / Huano Blue-shell Blue-point / Kailh GM 8.0 Connectivity: USB Type-A (1.89m cable) Battery life: n/a Colors: black, white Show more Shape In terms of shape the Ducky Feather is similar to the classic FK2 design: smaller than medium sized and narrow, but with a slightly elongated shape, making it best suited to average hand sizes. It narrows significantly around the mid-section where the side buttons are, but has a fairly shallow hump. The mouse is fully ambidextrous as mentioned, with a matching pair of side buttons on both sides of the mouse, and a fully symmetrical shape overall.  A black and white Ducky Feather mouse with a hexagonal design on its side sits on a white surface, ready for intense gaming sessions. A black and white Ducky Feather mouse is placed on a white surface, with the focus firmly on its scroll wheel. A sleek, black Ducky Feather mouse is placed on a white surface. The logo “WePC” is visible at the bottom right corner. Previous Next Feel The top surface of the mouse is a fairly matte-feeling plastic, which retains some nice grip even when your palms get a bit sweaty (mom’s spaghetti). The white plastic mesh/honeycomb section that runs around the sides of the mouse minimises weight and also allows for some airflow to get to your hand during a lengthy gaming sesh, and the black side grips on the bottom have raised bumps which provide a pleasing grip for your thumb and third finger, and improve the feeling of control on the device overall. As you’d expect from a Ducky mouse, all the buttons have a very satisfying and responsive click to them, with a nice snappy feedback; this includes both the two main buttons and the four side buttons.  The mouse has three options in terms of button switches for the main right and left buttons, from which you must pick at the point of purchase: Omron D2FC-F-K 60M (the lightest – needing the least actuation force and having a more subtle feedback), the Huano Blue-shell Blue-point (conversely the stiffest – with the highest actuation force and sharper ‘click’ feedback), and the Kailh GM 8.0 (the option between these two). Whichever option you pick there should be little in the way of pre/post travel or trigger wobble, leading to a crisp, quality gaming experience. The side buttons have a single switch type: Huano black-shell/red-point, which again are nice and tactile. The scroll wheel utiliizes a 24-step mechanical Kailh black-core encoder, giving a tactile scrolling experience that requires a moderate amount of force. When using as a middle mouse button, the switch is the same Huano black-shell/red-point as the side buttons. In the hand the Ducky Feather feels light (though not too light) and we were particularly impressed by the glide of the feet across the mouse pad, which was smooth and fast. The feet which come equipped are small PTFE (dyed with titanium oxide) and there is a replacement set of these inside the box should you need them. You also get an alternative, larger set included (in the Zowie-esque style) should you prefer these that are made with the same material. A person’s hand using a Ducky feather mouse on a desk next to a keyboard and computer monitor. A Ducky Feather mouse is shown upside down next to replacement mouse feet in a plastic bag. Close-up view of the bottom of a Ducky Feather mouse showing the sensor, DPI adjustment buttons, and other technical details. Previous Next Sensor settings On the bottom of the mouse are the various buttons that allow you to change the LOD (Lift Off Distance), Polling Rate, and DPI (i.e. CPI) to your liking. The DPI/CPI has seven different settings to choose from: 400, 800, 1,600, 3,200, 6,400, 12,000, and 16,000. Polling rate can be set to 125Hz, 500Hz, and 1,000Hz. For those unaware, Lift Of Distance refers to how far you can lift your mouse off the mat and the sensor still operate; LOD options are designated by L (low), D (the middle value), and H (high) so you get three to choose from. Taking the mouse apart The Ducky Feather has a double-layer design that has the buttons and main shell section as the top-layer, and then the side sections plus the frame as the secondary layer beneath. This allows for easy removal of the different sections in addition to the bottom, which can be popped open by removing the two Phillipshead screws beneath the back feet of the mouse and then sliding the bottom section backwards.  Inside the PCB layout is protected by a plastic cover, which can be removed after taking off the two screws if you want to do some in-depth tinkering (most of the components can be swapped out, including the sensor lens). Free Ducky XXL mouse mat when you buy this mouse  Specifications Materials: Soft fabric top, rubber base Dimensions: 800 x 350 x 3mm If you purchase this mouse from OCUK you also get included a free XXL mouse mat worth £25! Specifically this mat measures 800mm x 350mm (as well as being 3mm thick) giving you more than enough room to throw your mouse about even in the most hectic of gaming sessions. The fabric surface is designed to optimise sensor imagery at both high and low speeds, and gives plenty of glide, but not too much – giving a nice tactile feel to your movements. The rubber base gives plenty of grip and helps to prevent bunching of the material. Although Ducky branded, this is fairly subtle, meaning this plane black mouse mat will easily fit in with any setup, it also comes with a nice looking transport box/tube so you can easily carry the mat elsewhere.

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