Venerable Game Boy Camera Reborn As a Fun Lo-Fi Webcam

Of all the low-resolution digital cameras from the 1990s, none has had the lasting cultural impact of the monochromatic, 0.014-megapixel Nintendo Game Boy Camera. Romanian video game technology company, Epilogue, has turned the Game Boy Camera into a webcam, offering nostalgia-infused fun for teleconferences. Epilogue’s new GB Operator allows users to play Game Boy cartridges on their computer. And of course, the Game Boy Camera is, at its core, a Game Boy cartridge. “Like a cartridge slot for your computer,” Epilogue says, adding that the device and its accompanying application works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Hello from the team in glorious 16 kilopixels 👋🏻! Coming soon to a GB Operator near you. — Epilogue (@meet_epilogue) July 2, 2024 As for the Game Boy Camera cartridge, produced from 1998 to 2002, Epilogue writes, “Find your inner photographer. Transfer those 16KP (that’s right, kilopixels) pics from your Game Boy Camera to your PC in just a few clicks.” To be clear, the Game Boy Camera’s image sensor is 128 x 128 pixels (16.38 kilopixels), but the active imaging area is 128 x 112 pixels (14.36 kilopixels).
When used alongside the GB Operator, the Game Boy Camera already functions as a still camera. However, to use the Game Boy Camera as a live video camera, there are a few more hoops to jump through. Users must have the GB Operator, Game Boy Camera, Playback app, and open-source mGBA emulator. Epilogue has successfully used the Game Boy Camera as a webcam, as seen in the embedded post from X (formerly known as Twitter) above. However, the team is working out a few kinks to make sure the feature is ready for primetime. As of now, the webcam functionality is “coming soon.” This wouldn’t be the first time people have used the Game Boy Camera as a webcam, although it may prove to be one of the most straightforward. An approach devised by Bernard Capulong in 2020 requires the Game Boy Camera, Super Game Boy 2, Super Nintendo (or similar) hardware, a capture card, and external mic. Last year, Federico Viticci got the Game Boy Camera working for FaceTime calls using an Analogue Pocket and HDMI dock. No matter which method Game Boy Camera enthusiasts choose, one thing is certain: There has never been a better time to use a worse camera as a webcam. Image credits: Epilogue

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