7 Things Cat Ladies Try to Avoid

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1. Getting that third cat
Because every cat lady knows the third cat is the gateway cat to EVEN MORE CATS.
2. Clothes that don’t match your cat’s fur
Unless you want to carry a lint roller everywhere, go with a color palette that matches your best feline friend’s fur!
3. Being caught out in the wild without any cat treats
How are you supposed to lure those strays home without any treats in your purse?
4. Not knowing the names of all the cats in your neighborhood
Bonafide cat ladies know all the first (and middle and last names) of all the cats in the immediate vicinity because how your cat (or cats) need to know their enemies.
5. Throwing away the tuna juice
Maybe this is just a me thing? Perhaps. All I know is that if I even think about tossing the tuna juice from a can, Rosie would cut me with a quickness.
6. The cataccessories section on Etsy
Honestly, you can end up with one too many jaunty caps for kitties if you’re not too careful. Yes, I speak from experience!
7. Falling asleep without a kitty cuddle
Cat ladies know that they must always offer their feline overlord a cuddle or two or twelve before going to bed, otherwise they will suffer the consequences.
Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

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