Astera LunaBulb Released – A 3.3W RGBMA IP44 LED Bulb with Wireless Control

Astera recently released a new LED practical bulb: the LunaBulb. This 3.3W bulb is available in three different sockets: E26/E27/B22. The LunaBulb uses RGBMintAmber technology, which gives it full-color capabilities and high-quality light output. You can control the bulbs wirelessly, and they have an IP44 rating to survive the most challenging shooting conditions. So, let’s take a closer look at these!The first Astera bulb, the NYX, was released in 2020, and even by that time, my colleague Graham was impressed by them in the review he did. But, with a maximum power output of 10W, CRMX, and RGBMA technology, the NYX is nearly three times as bright as the upcoming LunaBulb, so what is the point of this light? We stopped by the Astera booth during Cine Gear 2024 to learn more about it.Astera LunaBulb RGBMA IP44 LED bulb kit. Image credit: CineDAstera LunaBulb – featuresThe Astera LunaBulb is a 3.3W LED bulb that will be available with three different socket options: E26 (US), E27 (EU), and B22. As the company says, the LunaBulb “looks like a traditional bulb, works like a professional luminaire.” Indeed, this kind of practical light is designed to be seen in the shot or inside a lampshade.Astera LunaBulb RGBMA IP44 LED bulb. Image credit: CineDHowever, the LunaBulb gives you total control over its brightness and color compared to traditional halogen bulbs or conventional LED bulbs. You can even change its shape, going from oval to a tube shape, by removing the dome section.The LunaBulb uses an RGBMA LED engine and features the Titan LED Engine, inherited from the well-known Titan tubes. You can adjust the color temperature from 1,750K to 20,000K with a claimed CRI and TLCI of over 96. Of course, you can dim the bulbs from 0 to 100% with a smooth dimming curve and no color change. Lastly, you’ll get access to multiple color modes, including RGB, HSI, X/Y, filter gels, and effects.Astera LunaBulb RGBMA IP44 LED bulb kit. Image credit: CineDWhile not entirely waterproof, the LunaBulb has an IP44 rating, so it should survive light rain. Please keep in mind that the light socket must also be IP44-rated.Astera LunaBulb PrepCase and PrepInlayThe LunaBulb can be controlled in multiple ways: the traditional remote controller, the AsteraApp, or DMX/CRMX. Since the LunaBulb has no built-in battery, Astera developed an interesting PrepCase that can store up to eight bulbs. If you don’t need the case or want to configure it in a bigger case, you also have the option to purchase just the PrepInlay.The PrepCase has a built-in battery that can power all eight light bulbs simultaneously for up to an hour. Inside the case, you’ll find a little status screen with some control buttons allowing you to prepare all your LunaBulbs simultaneously. You can set up the color temperature, brightness, color, and DMX address or pair them to the AsteraApp without having to plug each bulb into an AC-powered socket.The PrepCase or PrepInlay can also be used as a Bluetooth Bridge. This means you can use it as an AsteraBox to pair other lights with the AsteraApp.Price and availabilityThe Astera LunaBulb retails for $92, the PrepInlay Kit with eight bulbs is $999, and the PrepCase Kit is $1079. The first Aster LunaBulb batches should start shipping in late June/early July.For more information, please visit Astera’s website here.What do you think about these new LED bulbs? Do you often use LED bulbs as practicals in your shots? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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