How To Get the Softest, Smoothest Feet of Your Life

About two years ago I ran across a Tiktok video that recommended two products to use in feet to get them smooth, soft, and well hydrated. You might have read the article I wrote about it back then and who knows, you might have even tried the products that I had purchased at the time after watching that Tiktok. With Summer around the corner I thought I’d revisit some of the products I’ve been using to get smooth, soft, hydrated feet. Summer is on the way and you’ll be having you feet on display a lot more often whether they are completely bare at the beach or pool or if you’re wearing a cute pair of sandals. No one wants to be running around with dry, crusty feet. I think in general it’s a good idea to not forget to take care of your feet regardless of whether or not you’re displaying them for the world to see. Caring for your feet is always a good idea as they are important as other parts of your body. No one wants thick, cracked heels or soles which can be uncomfortable and even painful.
There are a slew of ways you can get smooth, soft feet and one of the more popular ones is Baby Foot. You might remember my long ago post on Baby Foot when it wasn’t yet available in the US and the brand had posted some of the most disgusting (yet oddly satisfying) images of people who used the product and had peeled layers and layers of deal skin from their feet. Shall we just revisit that for one second?

Why is so gross yet I can’t take my eyes off of it? LOL! It’s like when you examine a Nose Strip after you’ve removed it and just celebrate the fact that there are those odd little plugs of dirt and oil in the strip. Baby Foot is now readily available in the US and even available at! I’m actually a big fan of Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask Booties. Those are a nice way to treat your feet to a little spa! But to maintain and keep feet their smoothest and softest here’s what I’ve been using and loving!

I’ve been doing this for the last two years and my feet have been so incredibly smooth thanks to this method. I saw results in about a week or so but you do have to be diligent with it because just like your face or body if you don’t hydrate things are going to get dry again!
I miss 1:1 ratio of PurOrganica Urea 40% Foot Cream with AmLactin Rapid Relief Moisturizing Cream and slip on socks before bed. In the morning, I use my Amope Pedi Perfect Pro (I love this thing with all my heart!) in the shower. You can always use a pumice stone as well! I will say, even without the use of the stone or pedi-tool my feet are still very soft and smooth but the stone does help remove the dead skin cells easily. Amlactin contains Lactic Acid and the Purorganic contains Urea both of which act to gently exfoliate skin overnight. You can actually use Amlactin on your body as well (I use it on my elbows and they are literally the smoothest they’ve ever been!). It’s SUPER moisturizing! I’ve also added in O’Keeffe’s Foot Cream into the mix. This I use in the AM right after I’m out of the shower. As I said above I don’t miss a day doing this and I’ve had amazing results. I tend to get drier skin on the pad of my foot and I have if I leave it too long I do experience harder soles. I know when I started using the urea and lactic formula I was concerned my feet would be sensitive but I had no issues!
If you’re experiencing dry, cracked feet I’d highly recommend using this method for smooth, soft, well hydrate feet. Do share your methods for getting soft feet! Do you use any special tools or creams?

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