iMessage and FaceTime were down, but Apple has resolved the issue


Still struggling to use iMessage/FaceTime?If you’re still experiencing issues, one last thing we can recommend is to restart your iPhone. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean clearing any of your information, data, or pictures, just powering down your smartphone (or tablet) and powering it back up.Need help figuring out how? Follow our guide on how to turn off an iPhone. Not working for your model of iPhone? Check out further instructions tailored to your phone at the Apple Support website.

Still having trouble with iMessage/FaceTime?Your services will likely resume as normal again shortly. However, in the meantime, if you try to send a message and still see a red exclamation mark with an alert that says Not Delivered, try the following steps:Check your network connection. (See an SOS message? Click here for more information)Tap the red exclamation mark, then tap “Try Again.”If you still can’t send the message, tap the red exclamation mark, then tap “Send as Text Message.” Please note, choosing this option means messaging rates may apply.(Image credit: DEPOSIT PHOTOS)

The darkest timeline…Apple’s service status remains green, DownDetector reports are dipping. It looks like this one could be wrapping up. New reports are possibly from those who haven’t yet noticed the issue happening.Of course, there is another explanation…your imessage is working they just have you blockedMay 16, 2024Thanks, Woozy. We all needed that reality check.

Noticeable downtrend in user reports for iMessage is a great sign(Image credit: we can see, a considerable spike in user reports has now almost entirely dropped off. Of course, We’ll keep monitoring the situation and trying to gain further insight into the issue, as reports are still appearing online indicating new people affected by the issue.

Keep calm and carry onYes, Apple services may be experiencing intermittent issues while the faults subside. However, thankfully, Charli Huxley is here to remind us to keep calm and stay grounded.Patience!I just know when apps go down like iMessage, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.Folks collectively lose their minds. Just imagine if the outages lasted for days as opposed to hours?Society would be on the brink of collapse cuz folks can’t function without it. 😳May 16, 2024

Apple confirm issues, and believe they have been resolvedThe previously mentioned Apple service status page has now been updated, listing issues with the following services as resolved:iMessageFaceTimeHomeKitApple Messages for Business(Image credit: Apple)

Reports still flooding in that iMessage and FaceTime are experiencing issuesIt may be too early to call this one, with more reports flooding in by the minute of continued issues.Okay I thought t was just me but I guess iMessage is down for everyone lol.May 16, 2024We’re also able to confirm that this issue is being experienced outside of the U.S. also! It would appear the U.K. is still reporting service issues with both iMessage and FaceTime.

How long until iMessage and FaceTime are fixed?It’s still too early to say, however, if new user reports are accurate, then we may be starting to see service return to normal in real-time. If that’s the case, don’t worry, you’ll be back off of X (formerly Twitter) before you know it.(Image credit: DEPOSIT PHOTOS)

User reports of iMessage returning to normal are dotting up onlineThere are several live reports from users on social media platforms like X that iMessage is returning to normal service. However, plenty more reports still indicate that the issue is ongoing for now.

User reports are slowing, is the problem resolving?(Image credit: to information submitted to, it would appear that user-filed reports for service disruptions within iMessage and FaceTime are slowing!

DownDetector recognizes spike in user reports across the US(Image credit: report flaring up from coast-to-coast in the US, it’s safe to say that the service issues with iMessage are widespread.Interestingly, Apple’s service status appears to show no ongoing issues at present. We are currently checking if there is a way to bypass the issue, or looking for further confirmation from Apple that an issue is decidedly present.(Image credit: Apple)Stick with us for more word as it arrives!

Anyone else’s iMessage not working? I’m gunna lose my mindMay 16, 2024If you’re having trouble with iMessage sending or receiving messages, rest assured, this is an ongoing issue. (It’s not just you Jordy!)

(Image credit: Apple)Having trouble with iMessage? You’re not alone. We’ve noticed spikes of service issue reports across multiple countries and we are looking into the issue further.

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