In Which Season Does Your Skin Look Its Best?

Summer, Fall, Spring, or Winter which season does your skin look its very best? Maybe it’s the Summer when you get that warm golden glow! Or how about the Winter when your cheeks flushed rosy from the cold? Which of the seasons treats your skin the best? My answer may subscribe you as a girl with dry skin!

This past weekend we spent a lot of time outside and it was sunny and hot as hell. As I get older I’ve become quite fond of wearing baseball hats or cute little hats that shield my face. I swear ten plus years ago I totally made fun of weird straw hats but now I embrace them fully. I tan easily even and I really don’t like the way I look with a tan so protecting my skin any way I can is a must which means ton of sunscreen and weird, funky hats. The sun seems way hotter and way stronger than it was in my youth. And technically, that’s not really true. It’s just that the ozone layer is thinner which means UV rays are coming through and hitting hard than they did several years ago. Anyway, I don’t love Summer on my face. I feel like my skin looks duller and more tired when I have a tan. And I hate having to switch my concealer and foundation shade and go darker when Summer hits. It’s a chore.
I do think my skin looks its very best in the Fall and Winter months. Yes, I am dry and yes, cold weather sucks for my skin type. But I can buy any number of products that drench my skin is hardcore moisture. My skin always looks smoother, brighter, and less dull in the colder weather than it does in the warmer weather.
Give me the cold and snow over the heat and sun! How about you? When is your skin at its best? Which weather and season does it look great in?

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