Nikon teases Z6 III with new trailer

Nikon has released a new teaser for an upcoming camera. Unlike most of Nikon’s vague pre-release marketing, though, Nikon’s being quite obvious with this one with “Z6III” right there in the title. It also lists a June 17th announcement date.

So, obviously, the new camera to come is the NIkon Z6 III, successor to the company’s popular Nikon Z6 II ($1,596.95), released in 2020. The teaser doesn’t release any specs for the upcoming camera, but there are a few hints.

Nikon Z6 III – Pre-capture?

The teaser above is a mixture of clips and quotes – that aren’t attributed to specific individuals. The first quote in the video, however, says:

I could capture even before I pressed the shutter. It’s a game changer.

The quotes comes after we see someone photographing wildlife. Pre Capture was introduced to the Nikon lineup with the Nikon Z9 ($5,496.95) and also added to the Nikon Z8 ($3,496.95). Now, it’s filtering down to the Z6 range.

Pre-capture allows the camera to go back in time and record images for a period of time leading up to pressing the shutter. Essentially, it’s always looking and buffering what it sees and when you hit the button, it writes out that buffer before it starts shooting new images.

It’s a great option for both wildlife and sports shooters. It’s also good for those shooting events or any type of shot where you can’t always anticipate when the action will happen. The frames shown of the Kingfisher leaving the branch also suggest that it captures those images extremely quickly.

Brighter, higher resolution display

The next quote suggests that we might see an improved, brighter and higher resolution display. The wording, along with the clip assigned to it suggests an improved EVF, but it may be an improved LCD, too.

Next, we see a quote pertaining to the camera’s colours, but nothing is really revealed about anything new. All cameras claim to have world-beating colour science and all the rest of it, so short of any specific details, I think we can ignore this one.

What, where, when?

An official announcement for the new camera is coming on June 17th at 8am Eastern. That means 5am Pacific or 1pm for the UK. Beyond that, there’s no other information. Price and actual release date are both currently unknown.

When it comes to the specs, there are a few conflicting rumours out there on what it might offer, but we’ll find out for sure next week.

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