Porsche Will Pay You $4,500 to Switch From Another EV Brand

If you’re currently leasing or have an active finance plan for an electric vehicle, Porsche wants you to consider trading it in for a brand-new Taycan.Porsche is currently offering up to three $1,500 credits toward the purchase or lease of a new Taycan, InsideEVs reports. How much you receive will depend on how much time you have left on your lease (or payment plan). Specifically, the brand is offering one credit for folks who only have 30-60 days left in their lease, two credits for those who have 61-90 days left, and three credits for anyone who has between 91 and 180 days leftDepending on the vehicle you have, that means you can potentially get a new Taycan now and get out of making double payments for a few months.Eligible models vary from dealer to dealer; however, InsideEVs notes that the 2023 and 2024 Taycan pops up on all of the lists it’s looked at. The car starts at $99,400.The Porsche Taycan is an all-electric sportscar; Top Gear says the car is “blinding-quick, not just in a straight-leg drag race but in response to your pedal inputs.” The car’s range varies from 424 miles (big battery, RWD Taycan, no draggy or heavy options) down to 296 miles for a twin-motor 4S with a smaller battery and big wheels.

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If you already own a non-EV Porsche, the company also has some promotions on its website.

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