SmallRig Accessory Ecosystem for Sony BURANO Announced – First Look

At Cine Gear 2024, SmallRig was showcasing a prototype of their upcoming family of accessories for the Sony BURANO 8.6K full-frame CineAlta cinema camera. On the show floor, we caught up with Manny Moreno from SmallRig to find out more.Introduced back in September last year, the BURANO (our Lab Test here) has been out for a while now and Sony has just announced a firmware update roadmap to make it even better. Meanwhile, many companies have launched their 3rd-party accessories for the camera, including ARRI, Wooden Camera, and Tilta, for example. Others – like Zacuto, MID49, and Bright Tangerine – have even tried to offer an alternative to reposition the camera’s EVF to make it more comfortable to work with.SmallRig has long been producing cages and accessories for hybrid mirrorless or entry-level cinema cameras. But in the past, they rarely approached high-end systems, except for their RED V-RAPTOR Cage Kit, which is now discontinued. Now the company seems to be back targeting more advanced users with their Sony BURANO kit. Let’s take a closer look!Sony BURANO with SmallRig accessories. Image credit: CineDSmallRig accessories for Sony BURANO – overviewThe SmallRig accessory ecosystem for Sony BURANO is still in its prototyping phase, but the camera on display at Cine Gear was already rigged with quite a few parts. Starting from the bottom, we can find a dovetail and baseplate system supporting both 15mm and 19mm rod standards.SmallRig baseplate system for Sony BURANO. Image credit: CineDMoving up, two side brackets allow users to mount both 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 accessories, and the larger threads come with ARRI locating holes. A side cheeseplate can be mounted towards the back of the camera to provide additional mounting points for accessories, while also protecting the camera’s input and output ports.Sony BURANO with SmallRig accessories. Image credit: CineDThe two side brackets and the cheeseplate are securely screwed to a top plate, which features cutouts to accommodate a top handle. This has a 15mm rod clamp at the front that can be used to attach an adjustable EVF mount. Additionally, a dual 15mm bracket can be mounted above the lens mount to run top 15mm rods.Sony BURANO with SmallRig accessories. Image credit: CineDThe whole system is built around the company’s HawkLock quick-release technology, which was recently updated and was even awarded Product of the Year at NAB 2024. It allows you to quickly adjust and reposition accessories on your rig, like a side handle, for example.Price and availabilityCurrently, there’s no official information regarding the price and availability of SmallRig accessories for Sony BURANO. The company is also still figuring out different accessory kits for the camera. So please stay tuned to CineD for future updates.Have you ever shot on the Sony BURANO? What do you think of the design of SmallRig accessories for the camera? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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