Summer Game Fest: Xbox Shows Signs of Life With 11 Promising Titles

Lately, the vibes have been off at Xbox. Between spending billions of dollars on massive acquisitions and closing developer Tango Gameworks after it released last year’s cult hit (Hi-Fi Rush), Microsoft continues to lag behind Nintendo and Sony in console sales. But at its 2024 summer games event, Xbox showcased that it has a lot more entertainment in store.Not every spotlighted title featured gameplay, and some trailers teased games that probably won’t be available for years. Still, Xbox offered 11 reasons to get excited about its future.
Get Ready for Xbox’s Upcoming Games

Age of Mythology RetoldA spin-off of the Age of Empires games, 2002’s Age of Mythology drew from myths and legends for its ancient real-time strategy battles. Age of Mythology Retold is a remastered version of the original classic, and it will be released on September 4, 2024.

AvowedThe Xbox Games Showcase gave RPG fans another look at Avowed, Obsidian’s upcoming fantasy role-playing game (and gives them something to do until Elder Scrolls 6 materializes). The game is still slated for release later this year.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6With Activision freshly acquired by Microsoft, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 now launches day one on Xbox Game Pass. This conspiracy thriller takes the series into the 1990s, with George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Saddam Hussein in the mix.

Doom: The Dark AgesThis Doom prequel lets you go medieval on demons with a chainsaw shield, flailing mace, and a sick fur cape. Doom Eternal may have been a slight step down from the incredible Doom 2016, but more modern Doom is always welcome.

FableForza Horizon’s developers resurrect the Fable franchise with the British-flavored comedy you expect from this action-RPG series. The trailer doesn’t offer much gameplay, though.

Gears of War: E-DayIn 2019, Gears 5 ended on a massive cliffhanger. Before that gets resolved, Xbox will drop a prequel set during Emergence Day. Ready to control Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago, and blast every Locust that moves?

Indiana Jones and the Great CircleThe Wolfenstein developers have the proven chops to craft a stellar Nazi-fighting game, so there’s a good chance that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will deliver on that globe-trotting fantasy. The upcoming action-adventure title arrives later this year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024Microsoft’s Flight Simulator revival was one of 2020’s top titles. This 2024 sequel further upgrades its virtual planes with gorgeous graphics, and features new AI mapping data to create an impressively accurate digital planet.

Recommended by Our Editors

Perfect DarkAfter a long wait, Xbox delivered a real look at this reboot of Rare’s classic shooter. Perfect Dark keeps its edgy espionage tone and iconic heroine, Joanna Dark. However, it modernizes the gameplay for today’s vastly different FPS landscape. 

South of MidnightSouth of Midnight was the most intriguing title at the Xbox Games Showcase. The gameplay trailer combines Southern swamp magic with stop-motion-style animation that gives the action-adventure title a unique look. 

State of Decay 3Zombies may not be the freshest gaming concept, but the State of Decay franchise won over fans with its challenging, survival-focused gameplay. State of Decay 3 hopes to resurrect the series after a middling outing.

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