The Forvr Mood Fine Fragrance Discovery Set is Back

As you may know Jackie Aina has introduced a fragrance collection under her Forvr Mood brand. The fragrances launched April 2nd and many sold out fast (even the travel sprays). The Forvr Mood Fine Fragrance Discovery Set is now back in stock. I’m didn’t wait to grab this one when it launched as I knew it would be a while before it came back in stock! I was going to indulge in the four large bottles when they launched earlier this week but I’ve been having bad luck with some of my fragrance blind buys this month! I’m normally pretty lucky with my blind buys but I’ve been on a losing streak and decided I better wait on ordering full bottles of these. I decided I’d do the travel sprays but most of them sold out before I could grab them. I had heard a Discovery Set was in the works and was every so happy when it landed at Sephora. I also, snagged the Brown Girl Jane Discovery Set as well a few days ago.
The Forvr Mood Fine Fragrance Discovery Set contains four fragrance mists that are 0.1 oz each. It’s the complete collection of scents that Jackie introduced which makes it a nice way to try the entire library before you indulge in the larger, more expensive bottles.
You get I Am Her which is a gourmand with notes of red velvet, pear, and raspberry! Hard to Get which is a citrus fragrance with citron zest, sheer jasmine, and whipped vanilla. NDA which is a spicy, sensual scent with notes of spiced rum, tobacco flower, and vanilla bean. You Remind Me a skin scent with apricot skin, orange flower, and musks.
Jackie is a big fan of fragrances and has a large perfume collection which makes me very curious about her creations as I imagine a lot of love and attention went into creating these. If you want this set I wouldn’t wait to grab it as I think it will sell out fast again. I haven’t tried mine yet but I’ll review when I do!
Let me know if you grab!
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