Thoughts on Summer and Slow Summer Adventures

Any day spent relaxing next to the water is a good day
Good morning and happy Caturday!
I know it’s only the first week of July, but it already feels like summer will be over soon — at least it does for our family’s calendar, which currently revolves around the school year schedule.
It’s weird, but I guess it’s because when I was in school back in the ‘90s, I remember summer feeling like it stretched out forever. Somewhere between July and early August was when it felt like the days were twice as long, but maybe that’s because I was a latchkey kid and spent most of my summer days holed up in the house, LOL!
Raise your hand if this was your summer experience growing up. I don’t think it was uncommon for the era.
Also, my parents didn’t really believe in extracurricular activities unless they involved playing the piano. If you had to pay for an activity or if said activity didn’t enhance your chances of getting into a good college, (according to the Filipino grapevine in the Bay Area during that time), forget it, ha ha ha!
I honestly don’t even remember how I spent my days during the summer. I think there was a lot of watching MTV and “Divorce Court” (remember that show?), reading magazines and calling friends on the phone.
Anyway, my point is, now summer feels like it goes by in a flash, and on my list of things to do today are buying new uniforms for Connor and searching for a water bottle for her that hopefully won’t get gross quickly and will not get lost (where do all the lost ones go, sigh).
How’s your summer been so far, by the way? I hope that it’s been good to you, and that you’re getting some time to do some things you want.
Speaking of summer, is it just me, or does it feel like social media puts pressure to “make the most of the summer” and “capture all the memories” and do “all the things?”
I keep seeing posts that say that you only get X amount of weeks per summer, and you only get X amount of childhood summers for your kids, so this is the time to make it the best you can. And then I see people doing “all the things,” and, I’m like, well, I guess that looks like fun, but does every weekend have to be some sort of epic Instagrammable adventure?
For example, yesterday Connor, El Hub and I hung out in our front yard and read for a couple hours in the shade while Marnie hung out with us. And then we drove to a nearby picnic spot, ate lunch, read some more and then hung out on the grass next to a pond. And then we got soft serve.
Yes, adventure is fun, but I also think some time spent where one can just be is nice, too.
Hope things on your end are good. What’s your plan for the day? Connor and El Hub are fishing right now, so I’m going to finish up some writing and then Marnie and I are going to do a little dog training.
Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

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