Xelmus APOLLO 24mm T2 and 180mm T2.8 2x Anamorphic Primes Available for Pre-Order

Xelmus recently announced two new focal lengths in their APOLLO 2x anamorphic series, namely the 24mm T2 for Super35 sensors and the full-frame 180mm T2.8. Both lenses are available to pre-order now. Let’s take a closer look!Xelmus Anamorphic is a Ukrainian brand that merely focuses on producing high-end anamorphic lenses. First launched in 2019, their APOLLO 2x anamorphic series already consists of 7 focal lengths (32/40/50/60/75/100/135mm). All of these cover full-frame, except for the 32mm (Super35).Now, the company is expanding the series on both the wide and long end, with the introduction of a 24mm T2 and 180mm T2.8. Before you continue reading, you can check the video below for some beautifully captured images shot on the 24mm.Xelmus APOLLO 24mm T2 and 180mm T2.8 – featuresGenerally speaking, the Xelmus APOLLO offers a pretty strong 2x anamorphic character – somewhat reminding that of classic Panavision anamorphics – in a fairly compact, easy-to-use package.Xelmus APOLLO 24mm T2 2x anamorphic prime for Super35. Image credit: XelmusAll lenses come in PL mount only, are pretty fast, have very good close focus capabilities, offer a focus throw of 270°, are available with either metric or imperial scales, and feature a white housing as an homage to the renowned NASA mission they’re named after.Xelmus APOLLO 24mm T2 coverage. Image credit: XelmusJust like the 32mm, the new 24mm T2 only covers Super35 sensors (23x25mm), while the 180mm T2.8 is claimed to generously cover the Alexa LF sensor in full-frame Open Gate mode.Xelmus APOLLO 180mm T2.8 2x anamorphic prime. Image credit: XelmusWith these two new additions, the Xelmus APOLLO lenses are back on track to seriously compete with the Atlas Orion set. This series sits in a similar price range and was also recently expanded with the world’s widest 2x anamorphic lens in production – the 18mm T2 – as well as a 135mm T2.2 and 200mm T3.2.Xelmus APOLLO 24mm T2 2x anamorphic prime for Super35. Image credit: XelmusXelmus APOLLO series24mm T2 (Super35)32mm T2 (Super35)40mm T250mm T1.760mm T1.675mm T2100mm T2.3135mm T2.8180mm T2.8Price and availabilityThe Xelmus APOLLO 24mm T2 and 180mm T2.8 2x anamorphic primes are now available to pre-order from the company’s website. Both lenses require a pre-order deposit of $8,999 and are priced at $17,999.According to the company’s site, all orders placed before June 2024 should start shipping in December 2024.For more information, please visit Xelmus’ website.Have you ever shot on the Xelmus APOLLO lenses? How do you like their character? What do you think of these new focal lengths? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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