Xencelabs new portable Pen Display 16 sports a 4K OLED display

Xencelabs has announced the new Pen Display 16. The new 16″ tablet is ultra-thin, lightweight and sports a 4K OLED display. It offers 1.07 billion colours, with 98% Adobe RGB, 99% sRGB and 99% Rec.709 coverage.

It’s not a standalone tablet. It requires a computer and connects to Mac or Windows PCs via a single USB-C cable. It also has a “Virtual Tablet” feature, allowing you to control multiple displays.

Xencelabs Pen Display 16 – 4K OLED

The Xencelabs Pen Display 16 is targeted towards professional artists, photographers, video editors and others who need a high-quality tablet on the go. This isn’t the largest 4K display tablet Xencelabs makes, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s designed to be portable.

Despite its size, the 16″ tablet offers a 4K OLED display with the ability to display 1.07 billion colours. It covers 98% Adobe RGB, 98% P3-D65, 99% sRGB, 99% Rec.709 and 82% Rec.2020. It’s covered edge-to-edge with tempered glass, utilising the company’s Super-AG Etching technology.

Xencelabs says the 4K 16″ OLED display is an industry first, and they’re probably not wrong in that claim. Xencelabs (and others) have been challenging Wacom’s historical dominance for a few years now. And even though Wacom recently launched their first OLED tablet, it’s only 1080p HD.

It comes with two pens, each offering 8,192 levels of pressure. They provide 5080 lines per inch of resolution and a tilt angle of up to 60 degrees. The 3 Button Pen V2, as the name suggests, offers three buttons, while the smaller Thin Pen V2 provides two.

It’s compatible with both Windows (Windows 7 or later) and Mac (OS X 10.12 or later). It also works with Linux, using Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 9.5, CentOS 7 and RedHat 7 or newer. The Pen Display 16 connects to your computer using just a single USB-C cable.

Price and Availability

The Xencelabs Pen Display 16 is available to pre-order now for $999 in the basic Essentials package, or $1,249 for the bundle that includes the Xencelabs Quick Keys, a Xencelabs USB hub, mobile easel and a bunch of other goodies. Shipping begins at the end of June.

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